Barbecue Spare Ribs with Chinese Char Siu sauce – 港式燒烤醬焗肉排

西餐配薯菜, 中餐送飯一流! 只要你家中有個焗爐就可以啦~ 簡單又美味!

Ingredients 材料:
Pork spare ribs 豬肋骨 400g
Seasoning 醃料:
Water 水 Just a little
Soy sauce 生抽 3 tsp
Mashed ginger 薑蓉 2 tsp
Shao Hsing Hua Tiao Chiew 紹興酒 1 tsp
Chinese bean sauce 原豉醬 1 tsp
Char Siu sauce 叉燒醬 2 tbsp
Method 做法:
1)Wash and drain the ribs before seasoning, mix in all the seasoning, put into the fridge for over night (at least 2 hours). 豬肋骨洗淨瀝乾水份,拌入醃料攪拌,醃過夜(最少醃兩小時)。
2)Preheat oven 180c/ 350F, prepare double layer foil, pour the rest of the sauce onto the ribs and wrap it up with foil, place the ribs in an oven pan. 預熱焗爐180c/350F,準備兩層錫紙放上豬肋骨,淋上剩餘醃料,錫紙包好,放於焗盤上。
3)Grill 20mins. Remove one layer of the foil after, turnover the ribs, grill 15mins with unwrap, turnover again and adding honey then grill for 5mins, then it’s done. 焗20分鐘。拿走其中一張錫紙,打開錫紙反轉肉排再焗15分鐘,掃上蜜糖,再焗5分鐘即成。


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